Friday, 11 June 2010

Where's my pork chop?

I am a bit ashamed to say this but I have become a bit of an internet voyeur, but not in the dirty way you are all thinking, I'm talking more food porn!
After stalking a few people from the BBC food board over to their blogs and twitter I have found a whole new world in which to skive when I should be maintaining those delightful oil rigs that are in the north sea!
Aberdeen is shite for food, let's face it, we only just got a Yo Sushi and Nandos in the last 6 months and that apparently is us coming into the 21st century. I am so jealous of the people down in London who I regularly spy on when I see their posts about real sushi or indeed all the events they go to, especially when all I seem to be eating at the moment is cucumber and carrots (50 days of diet left!)

Danny aka Food Urchin has not 1 but 2 blogs - talk about greedy - I can barely manage to make my 1 readable - and it was on reading his second blog Where's my pork chop? that I decided I would stop stalking the London foodies but try and joined in even if it only was from a distance. Richard thought I was a bit mad, but after I explain it all to him he jumped on the band wagon and helped me out!

I won't dribble on anymore, but let the man speak for himself so here it is - Where's my pork chop - by post!

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Food Urchin said...

Gah! I should have included your hubby to be in the post as he was the true Aberdeenianian responsible for pushing the butteries on me! Thanks again, I really enjoyed eating through a thoroughly unhealthy but tasty box of goodies.