Friday, 25 June 2010

La Tasca - a review? and Kevin Bridges

It’s been too long since I updated this, and this is also a first for me, a restaurant review! It was also my first go at taking pictures in a restaurant, which I am still uneasy about – does this become easier the more you do? Do you need to ask permission first?

Anyway, Richard and I went out way back in May to see Kevin Bridges do his stuff at the Aberdeen Music Hall, for those not aware of Kevin – where have you been? He was his usual funny self, and in the year since we had seem him previously he has come on leaps and bounds with his material. If he comes to a place near you grab tickets if you can!

Before the show we decided to grab something to eat and due to Pizza Express being out the door we headed across to the much quieter La Tasca. Now La Tasca is by no means the real deal when it comes to tapas and I imagine that most of it is either frozen or pre cooked and simply reheated but it filled a gap and it meant I didn’t need to cook!

We ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio and it was nice, so no complaints there.
We then started with some bread and oil, which was also nice, it would be hard to get this wrong!

As you do with tapas we order several plates to share between us, with the exception being the Calamares Andaluza, which I ordered just for me because Richard wouldn’t touch the stuff! Others that we ordered included Alitas de Pollo – marinated chicken wings; Croquetas de pollo – chicken croquettes with garlic mayo – or should that actually be aioli since it was a Spanish restaurant. Meat wise we ordered the chorizo frito al vino, the spicy Spanish sausage fried in red wine and also the albondigas a la jardinera – meatballs to you and me. In my opinion these were a fail. Lastly we went for the tortilla Espanola – which for me was the winner of the night.

Tortilla Espanola

Chorizo frito al vino

Calamares Andaluza – which was lovely if a little pale in colour

Albondigas a la jardinera, Alitas de pollo, croquetas de pollo

croquetas de pollo – which was a huge winner!

La Tasca is nothing special, the service was good, that food is passable, but the prices are pretty cheap. It won’t transform you to the sunny climates of the med, but it does fill a hole before splitting your sides laughing at a funny Glaswegian man!

La Tasca – Aberdeen
367 Union St
Aberdeen, AB11 6BT

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