Friday, 25 June 2010

Spanish Omellete

After out trip to La tasca and tasting the Tortilla, I decided to have a go at it myself at home, a quick google brought up many a recipe, so I went with what I thought looked like the standard way. I sliced up potatoes and onions and slowly over a low heat fried them in oil, taking care not to colour them. I then put a lid over them to steam them and let them soften.

I cracked 6 eggs in a bowl and beat them…

Once the potatoes and onions where soft, you transfer them to the beaten egg, then back into the pan

Once the bottom had set, it was time to turn the tortilla, and keep my fingers crossed that it was cooking to fall or break up.

I managed!

It wasn’t quite as thick as I had hoped, I thinking my pan may have been too big and a smaller one would make for a thicker tortilla.

Plated up with some rocket, tomato, cheese and some pesto on the side! Even Richard liked it and it’s something I would d

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Spicey said...

I've never made one at home, but I think I will now. Thanks! :)