Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturday 27th March - Heavenly Pizza 18" pepperoni

Tonight we had to visit my best friend Barbara in hospital, she is going for an operation, so we are thinking about her and wish her all the best - get well soon Babs.

After the hospital cooking wasn't really on my mind so we stopped at the local pizza place - heavenly and ordered an 18" pepperoni pizza, not great but not that bad either. We are munching it and drinking wine as I blog, probably not the best for the weight but once in a while isn't going to hurt - is it?

Friday 26th March - Quorn burger for me, chicken for Richard

After work I had a little cat nap, which included an awesome dream about David Beckham, not really dinner related but thought I should mention it.

So dinner tonight was a couple of quorn burgers done on the dod foreman, not great but filled the hole all the same. The rolls were spread with left over roasted garlic, plenty of rocket, the burgers where topped with some cheese and a small spread of tomato ketchup finished the deal.

Richard prefers real meat, so he grilled a chicken breast that he had sliced in 2, stuck that on his rolls with cheese slices, which he melted under the grill, he enjoyed them. However he left the grill on and shut the door very nearly burning our house down - numpty!

Thursday 25th March - Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas again - no pictures because I didn't make them, I was kindly invited to my friend Lisa's for dinner, she didn't use the yellow kit but the red discovery kit, she also opted for the wholewheat tortillas, she's healthy that way. They were lovely.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday 24th March - Pasta

Tonight was a quick supper, I took a wee craving for pasta this afternoon and Richard was happy enough with that! So pasta went into boil, I got a stir in sauce from the fridge that had been lurking there for a couple of weeks, and in ten minutes it was ready to eat!

I have a thing for rocket at the moment, so I piled my bowl with that, threw in the pasta and topped with a wee bit of grated cheese and plenty black pepper, that I am still using up from the steaks on sunday!!

Tuesday 23rd March 2010 - Fajitas

Tonight Richard made chicken fajitas for dinner, he used the good old yellow kits widely avaiable from all good supermarkets! Originally our friend Ian was going to join us but then he decided just to go to the gym, so I ate my two and Richard, well he ate the rest!!

No pictures we totally forgot or to be honest we were too busy tucking in and enjoying it then we realised once we have finished we hadn't taken any!


Monday 22nd March - Chicken sandwiches

Having cooked steaks on Sunday due to not eating them on Saturday, Sundays dinner was then bumped to Monday night. I still cooked it on Sunday which meant when I came in from work on Monday it was nice and easy to prepare!

Since reading the recipe for Chicken roasted with 40 cloves of garlic down by the blogger Helen on Food stories and then watching her turn it into the best sandwich she had ever tasted I knew I had to have a go.

So I browned my organic chicken in the pan first before putting it in my roasting tin with 3 heads of garlic, 200mls of oil and some thyme. A good season of salt and pepper, covering it with foil and into the oven it went!

On Monday Richard took all the meat off the carcass, I made homemade mayo with 2 egg yolks and the cooled olive from the chicken. Mixed this with the chicken meat.

The garlic cloves I squeezed out of their skins and put on the rolls, topped it with the meat and bobs your uncle, dinner was served. I topped mine with rocket, Richard didn’t – it’s too girlie for him! Delicious!

Sunday 21st March 2010 - Steak

Being down in the town centre on Saturday afternoon we stumbled on what we thought was a new butchers, when we asked how long he’d been there he replied “2 years!” oh well not that new, but new to us!

We bought 2 lovely sirloin steaks which we had planned to have on Saturday night but you have already read what delights I had instead, Richard wasn’t much better he had a bag of nuts!

So having to use them up it turned into Sunday nights dinner! I simply cooked them on the griddle pan, and accompanied them with some onions and mushrooms fried with some low fat cheese and peppercorns, which I bashed up myself in the pestle and mortar. I think I over did it on the peppercorns my nose was running by the end of eating it, but at least it cleaned out the old sinuses!

Saturday 20th Match 2010 - Toast

Saturdays dinner is a bit of a let down, in so much as I forgot to take a picture and it really wasn’t that exciting!

While watching television and getting repetitive strain injury making the wedding invitations, Richard made me two slices of toast with extra light dairylea – not exactly Michelin star!

Friday 19th March 2010 - Pizza, I think!

Well the new blog hasn't exactly started how I wanted, mostly because I couldn't find the cable that attaches the camera to the laptop, so while I started it in ernest it didn't quite work out that way! Nevermind Richard has managed to get the photographs onto our home network somehow, so let's get started!

Friday after a few drinks in the pub we went a quick shop to the new Tesco, we bought a couple of pizzas and a box of sushi. After a few wines I started the sushi, almost forgetting to take the picture then I remembered!

A few more drinks later and a comedy fall off the kitchen chair by myself, well I say fall the whole chair with me sitting on it fell over, I blamed the chair maybe I should have blamed the wine, we stuck the pizzas in the oven, or atleast I think we did! The packaging was in the bin and I took photographs but I don't remember eating it! Couldn't have been that good!

Friday, 19 March 2010

A change of direction

So when I started this blog because someone, yes you wendy, encouraged me to do it, I thought why not? However it seems that although I have stories to tell, they actually only seem funny told in the pub over a white whine and soda!

I have failed to write anything regular, perhaps my life isn't as exciting as I once hoped it was.

I love reading blogs, I read them first thing in the morning when I come into work and it annoys me when people haven't updated in a while, yet my blog hasn't been written in since way last year. This got me to thinking of deleting it entirely - let's be honest I only have 2 readers!!

But then I had a wee brain wave, yes I do have these now and again, not often mind!
I love reading food blogs, particularly

Now dinner is something I have, well just about every day - so perhaps this is something I can actually do and keep doing.

The laptop has found it's way down to the kitchen since Richard has been working late every night and I think my camera is charged - not that it is a fancy one, just a point and click, as the terminology goes - but I think it will do.

So, to finish a long rant, I have decided no matter what I have for dinner, whither it be a lovely homemade meal or turkey drummers and beans, I'll take a snap and stick it on here. What do you think?