Friday, 19 March 2010

A change of direction

So when I started this blog because someone, yes you wendy, encouraged me to do it, I thought why not? However it seems that although I have stories to tell, they actually only seem funny told in the pub over a white whine and soda!

I have failed to write anything regular, perhaps my life isn't as exciting as I once hoped it was.

I love reading blogs, I read them first thing in the morning when I come into work and it annoys me when people haven't updated in a while, yet my blog hasn't been written in since way last year. This got me to thinking of deleting it entirely - let's be honest I only have 2 readers!!

But then I had a wee brain wave, yes I do have these now and again, not often mind!
I love reading food blogs, particularly

Now dinner is something I have, well just about every day - so perhaps this is something I can actually do and keep doing.

The laptop has found it's way down to the kitchen since Richard has been working late every night and I think my camera is charged - not that it is a fancy one, just a point and click, as the terminology goes - but I think it will do.

So, to finish a long rant, I have decided no matter what I have for dinner, whither it be a lovely homemade meal or turkey drummers and beans, I'll take a snap and stick it on here. What do you think?


Red Boots said...

Yay! I'd like that! You've always been the one I go to for cooking tips (e.g. how to boil potatoes), so am very excited!!

looking forward to seeing you soon!!


whitewineandsoda said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon too, hope all is well with you.

I'll never forget the potato comment, classic you!