Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sunday 21st March 2010 - Steak

Being down in the town centre on Saturday afternoon we stumbled on what we thought was a new butchers, when we asked how long he’d been there he replied “2 years!” oh well not that new, but new to us!

We bought 2 lovely sirloin steaks which we had planned to have on Saturday night but you have already read what delights I had instead, Richard wasn’t much better he had a bag of nuts!

So having to use them up it turned into Sunday nights dinner! I simply cooked them on the griddle pan, and accompanied them with some onions and mushrooms fried with some low fat cheese and peppercorns, which I bashed up myself in the pestle and mortar. I think I over did it on the peppercorns my nose was running by the end of eating it, but at least it cleaned out the old sinuses!

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