Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Monday 22nd March - Chicken sandwiches

Having cooked steaks on Sunday due to not eating them on Saturday, Sundays dinner was then bumped to Monday night. I still cooked it on Sunday which meant when I came in from work on Monday it was nice and easy to prepare!

Since reading the recipe for Chicken roasted with 40 cloves of garlic down by the blogger Helen on Food stories and then watching her turn it into the best sandwich she had ever tasted I knew I had to have a go.

So I browned my organic chicken in the pan first before putting it in my roasting tin with 3 heads of garlic, 200mls of oil and some thyme. A good season of salt and pepper, covering it with foil and into the oven it went!

On Monday Richard took all the meat off the carcass, I made homemade mayo with 2 egg yolks and the cooled olive from the chicken. Mixed this with the chicken meat.

The garlic cloves I squeezed out of their skins and put on the rolls, topped it with the meat and bobs your uncle, dinner was served. I topped mine with rocket, Richard didn’t – it’s too girlie for him! Delicious!

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