Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pizza Making

I had been reading a lot about white pizza's lately and fancied having a go myself. Google brought up quite a few recipes, switching between a white sauce and slices of potatoes, so I decided to join the two. I made a white sauce the usual way, butter flour, milk and added garlic and rosemary. I par boiled new potatoes and sliced them thinly. I started my putting on the white sauce, layering the potatoes, added riccota cheese and mozerella - it was actually not bad, but I'm not sure I prefer it over a normal tomato pizza. Although it certainly looked nice! Alot of recipes call for it to be drizzled with truffle oil once cooked, I didn't have any but I'd imagine that it would bring another element to the pizza dish and probably make it a whole lot better.

I also did basic cheese and tomato pizza just incase the white pizza was shit!

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