Thursday, 29 April 2010

Having a go at Gardening

I'm going to have a go at this gardening marlarkey, being in the process of killing my aloe vera plant and my yukka plant - which is supposedly indestructable, I don't hold much hope. Keep your fingers crossed I manage to get something out this lot.

My tomato plants

The delightful little greenhouse that Richard has built me

my basil plants

Chinese style Rainbow Trout

Drew at work was away on his annual boys fishing trip and very nicely brought back one of his catch for me!

I admit to have never having cooked a whole fish before so a quick look on the t'internet helped me out. I also admit to not liking fishy fish, so I wanted to put some flavour onto it.
I stuffed the gavity, thank god he gutted it for me, with some grated garlic and spring onion, then sprinkled the fish itself with chinese 5 spice, wrapped the whole thing in tin foil and baked it in the oven.

I served it simply with stir - fried veg.

I really wish I had liked it, I really do, but it was just too fishy - rotten!

Various Dinners

Macaroni cheese and chips - yes double carbs

Fish fingers, chips and spaghetti

No fish for Rich - chicken fingers for him

Grilled chicken breast, rice and chinese curry sauce

Weight watchers filled pasta, with a weight watchers pasta sauce and rocket

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I tried my hand at making Vietnamese spring rolls, I picked the wrappers up in the chinese supermarket for less than a quid!

I cooked off some prawns with some five spice and I planned to serve the rolls cold. I mixed those with some shredded carrots, beansprouts, mushrooms, and rice noodles and maybe some other stuff but I can't remember now.

You have to put the wrappers into hot water to make them flexible which is quite weird and I found them quite hard to work with, perhaps practise would make it easier.

I liked them but Richard thought they would be hot like the normal spring rolls you get in the chinese, so we decided to fry one and see what it would be like. Rich prefered them fried, I liked them cold, more fresh on the mouth if you know what I mean.

The dip is just the Yakatori left over from the chicken I made the other week - that sauce would make any old shite taste good!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

This isn't just any lasagne, this is a markies lasagne

when I decided we were having this for dinner I said to Richard, "you know proper foodies will have kittens over this, it's double carbs and that is suppose to be so wrong!"

he replied "it's positively wrong then!"

and he meant positively is a brilliant sense.

It wasn't just any lasagne and chips it was markies lasagne and chips - delicious

A brief round up of one weeks dinners

Weight watchers chicken tikka masala with sour cream and weight watchers nan bread

Homemade lentil soup and toast

Sausage and weight watchers turnip mash and home made onion gravy

vegetable fingers, chips and spaghetti - totally old school

I'm shit at this - Chicken yakatori

Chicken Yakatori : recipe from the wagamamas cook book, served with noodles and stir fried veg
Yes I know the pictures are back to front, I'm so shit at this

Las Vegas Waitress

I love reading blogs especially the American ones, how rude are the people over there? It seems to me they always want their food for nothing, perhaps it's the British-ness in me (is that a word?) or perhaps I'm just not a fucking rude yank.

Anyway came across this blog Waiting in Vegas and the stories are fantastic.

The entry called You're doing it wrong had me spluttered my tea all over the keyboard so I had to share it - funny funny stuff!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Saturday 10th April - La Lombarda

So today my mum, big cat and my chief bridesmaid Barbara came to my house to have the make up trial for the up coming wedding. We had loads of fun with Rae and had our make done beautifully. However too many glasses of wine in the afternoon meant that dinner became a blur.

We had booked La Lombarda which is a lovely restaurant in Aberdeen city centre. I know I had the calamari fritta to start, then the Cozze Alla Marinara - mussels - for main, however I don't remember eating it. The curse of even more wine.

Oh well I had a nice day!

Friday 9th April - Spaghetti on toast with cheese

Tonight Richard and I came in from work and had to start straight away on the house work, you see the Queen was visiting the next day and when I say the Queen I of course mean my mother and her loyal subject the Big Cat, aka auntie Catherine!

So finally after cleaning the house top to bottom, or at least only the rooms our visitors will see we decide to have a quick supper and share a bottle of wine.

So Richard wanted Spaghetti cheese on toast, which in our house turns into a food debate.You see, I like toast done like proper toast, i.e toasted on both sides. Topped with the spaghetti then the cheese grated on top! Topped with a good grind of black pepper.

However my dearly beloved like his done completely different, like something I have never seen before. First he toasts one side of the bread. Then he turns it over, butters it, puts on his sliced cheese before returning it to the grill, once it has melted he then tops with the spaghetti - weird or what!!!

Thursday 8th April - No idea

I can't really remember what we had last Thursday and there are no photographs to remind me, moral of the post - don't take so long to blog what you eat for your dinner.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday 7th April - Quiche, Sweetcorn, chips with Rocket and grated cheese

Tonight I had a dinner that had even Richard suffering from food envy! An individual bacon quiche, accompanied with sweetcorn - which I love Rich hates. I had 100g of chips which equaled about 7 chips! Finally finished off with some greens, half a bag of rocket with a little low fat cheese grated over it. It was some plate of food and I really enjoyed it. Something I will have again in the future.

Tuesday 6th April - Fish Finger Sandwiches

Sometimes only a fish finger sandwich will do.

Brown bread spread with dairylea, rocket and fish fingers.

As Gordon Ramsey would say "Job Done!"