Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday 9th April - Spaghetti on toast with cheese

Tonight Richard and I came in from work and had to start straight away on the house work, you see the Queen was visiting the next day and when I say the Queen I of course mean my mother and her loyal subject the Big Cat, aka auntie Catherine!

So finally after cleaning the house top to bottom, or at least only the rooms our visitors will see we decide to have a quick supper and share a bottle of wine.

So Richard wanted Spaghetti cheese on toast, which in our house turns into a food debate.You see, I like toast done like proper toast, i.e toasted on both sides. Topped with the spaghetti then the cheese grated on top! Topped with a good grind of black pepper.

However my dearly beloved like his done completely different, like something I have never seen before. First he toasts one side of the bread. Then he turns it over, butters it, puts on his sliced cheese before returning it to the grill, once it has melted he then tops with the spaghetti - weird or what!!!

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