Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Paprika chicken - Colemans season and Shake

I saw Colemans Season and Shake in Asda a couple of weeks ago for the special price of a quid. You don't get much for a quid these days what with the recession and all, so I bought it. I also felt that the roasting bag along side the seasoning was a novelty; the novelty quickly wears off, especially when you are starving and the chicken takes double the time it says on the packet.

The instructions are easy enough to start with - open the top part of the packet take out the little clear bullet with blue tie - this is the roasting bag. Stick the chicken legs in the bag, open the second part of the packet, sprinkle the paprika seasoning into the bag and onto the chicken legs. It then instructs you to use the blue tie to close the bag 2 inches from the top. The tie seems to be sticky and it is also shaped like a tie wrap, so I wasn't sure if it should just be stuck together; if one end should loop through the other and tighten or indeed just tied in a knot. I went for the knot. Simples.

Last instruction is for those that would like extra crispy skin and who the hell doesn't? Pierce the bag several times. I went ahead and pierced the bag.

40 minutes in a pre-heated oven at gas mark 6 and dinner should be done - lies, all lies. After 40 minutes I took the chicken out the oven, opened the roasting bag, threw them into the dish, lifted one and fuck - still raw.

Back into the oven, minus the roasting bag which was now in the bin for another 40 minutes . I didn't think the chicken legs where any different to any others I have bought before so I have no idea why they took 80 minutes to cook - maybe the roasting bag hindered the process rather than helped.

The paprika seasoning made the chicken taste nice enough, but nothing that mixing your own dry rub of paprika, salt, pepper and what ever you want, can't get you.

In conclusion - waste of a quid and what exactly is the point of the bag ?


Charlene said...

That sounds pretty crappy! Must have been the roasting bag, because chicken drumsticks take about 40 minutes in a normal oven, I reckon.

minceandskirlie said...

I really don't get that bag. Doesn't seem like a great idea putting chicken in a plastic bag, in a roasting tray, in the oven.

As you say it takes longer and the seasoning mix isn't any better than making your own spice rub with paprika and herbs (there's a moral to the story here I think).

Red Boots said...

I'd be worried in case the plastic bag melted in the oven!

Brownieville Girl said...

Worth a try though!

I can remember my Mum roasting turkey in a roasting bag, and it was always lovely.

Anonymous said...

not supposed to use chicken on bone it supposed to be chicken chunks i cut off bone made in oven with bag 5stars i think really nice akll veg lovely and soft too my kids loved it especially the toddler

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but i have to disagree, it was the most delicious easy meal ive ever had.

Throw some chicken breast the bag, loads of roasting veg and sweet potato, 40mins later, out the bag and on your plate, served with broccoli.

Hard, I think not!

whitewineandsoda said...

Anonymous 1 and 2

the picture on the front clearly depicts chicken legs - no?

if my crap pictures were clearer - did them on the Iphone, I'm sure it would say that.

I did pick another season and shake which is for breast meat and encourages vegetables to be added this one didn't.

Gin and Crumpets said...

Is the point of the bag to make you think you haven't wasted £1 on some paprika, salt and a plastic bag?