Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Cheese - it makes everything better

Sometimes life deals you a shit hand but you have to dust yourself down, put a smile on your face and move on. Nothing helps you feel better than dipping things in hot creamy cheese! (reading that back sounds a bit wrong!) Richard and I needed some comfort food after a couple of rough weeks and a baked camembert with some roast potatoes, mushrooms and crusty bread to dip in was just what the doctor ordered.
Not exactly rocket science, yet this meal seems to look and sound a lot more lavish than it is, and with a couple of bottles of wine to accompany it, it was a real treat.
I simply cut a few slits in the top of the cheese, inserted some slice of garlic, splashed with wine white - if I had thyme I would have added that - and stuck it in the oven. Potatoes and mushrooms where drizzled with oil and seasoned and joined the cheese to roast.
I think ten minutes past of complete silence as Richard and I dipped and chewed, and finally smiled for what seemed like a long time!

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