Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I sent a Telegram – Does that make me a Queen?

This post isn’t about food, and in real blogging fashion I want to be honest and say this is not a sponsored link nor am I being paid to do this. I simply received fantastic service from a company I used and decided to let them know, they responded and I thought I should tell the world, or at least the 5 people who might actually read this blog! Big Spud I count you amongst my 5!

So friends of Richard and I are getting married this week in Italy, lucky buggers! Being the numpty I am, I failed to get organised and send a card before they flew off last weekend. Sitting in the pub on Sunday enjoying a glass of wine Richard told me about the time friends of his got married abroad and he contacted the hotel to deliver a note of congratulations, which brought up the topic of Telegrams – did they still exist and more importantly do people still send them??

Returning to work on Monday a quick Google brought up a company called Telegrams4u. I filled in the required details and for the cheap price of 7 quid, off went my Telegram, well I thought it had! Luckily the very nice people at Telegrams4u realised I didn’t quite have the address details correct – revert back to earlier paragraph, the one which proclaims I am a numpty! Anyway they kindly took it upon themselves to correct them and emailed me to let me know – now that is service. I replied to Martyn to thank him for his great customer service and this ended in a conversation in which he took this service one step further. He contacted the wedding venue in Italy, and although my Telegram should on all accounts arrive in time for Thursday morning, he sent an electronic copy to the venue asking that if the Telegram didn’t make it for the morning of the wedding, would they be kind enough to print out the email version. First Class!

Once again I expressed my thanks to Martyn and the joy that sending a telegram had brought me and I hoped Lynne and Chris would also get a kick out of it and so to the point of the whole post – let’s bring back the Telegram – email, twitter, and blogs are all brilliant – I should know, I have all 3, but surely there has to be something a bit regal about sending a Telegram and even better receiving one! It’s good enough for the Royal family after all.

So thanks to Martyn at Telegrams4u he has offered a discount code, which will save you a lovely 10% off the purchase of a classic telegram, which is already great value. The code is PR22. Martyn tells me the company has only been on the go since January and they are hoping that it will catch on – with service like theirs I really don’t see why it shouldn’t.

So let’s do it, let’s bring back the Telegram….


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm reading it!

Telegrams eh? Cute.

Gary (BigSpud)

Red Boots said...

If I couldn't make it to your wedding I would totally send you a telegram! But, of course, I am coming - it's official - I've bought a dress and shoes!