Monday, 10 May 2010

Hestons Tagliata Steak

Richard sent me this recipe the other day and decided it was something we should try, probably because I have this ridiculous love feast going on for rocket and because it included steak topped with cheese. If you top anything with cheese Richard will eat it - including he says shit! This is the man I am marrying, how proud I am!

Following @BigSpud on twitter, I noticed that he too had tried it. Which I thought was a big coincidence but apartly there has been advertisements about it all over the place, which I haven't seen, 1 because we don't have waitrose in Scotland and 2 because I sky plus everything as I hate adverts!

I got 2 lovely sirloins from Andrew Gordons and made Richard do the frying, because I am such a girl and scared of hot oil!

I have to say although the steak and indeed the recipe was delicious I just don't think there is such a big difference from Hestons near deep frying method and my usual oil to meat, meat to dry griddle pan, but hey Heston is a genius is he not?

Richard also commented when eating it that it smelt nice, which prompted me to ask, "does that mean it doesn't taste nice?" He assured me it did, he was just saying is all!

Scallops with black pudding, crispy bacon and rocket

Before we indulged in the fillet steaks from Andrew Gordon, we had a simply starter of scallops served on rocket, with black pudding, crispy bacon and a warm balsamic dressing - need I say more?

Fillet Steaks - with mushrooms and onions in a pepper sauce

I picked up these fillets steaks from Andrew Gordons, they were delicious, served just simply with mushrooms and onions fried with some markies cream cheese with black pepper corns to make some sort of sauce - I could eat this any time any day.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Having a go at Gardening - Part 2

My very first cucumber plant has started to grow, it looks like it is just sticking it's bum out to test the air, since this 2 others have appeared as well!

The basil is coming along nicely, not sure what to do now with it, do I move it to a big tub?

Parsley has also decided to make an appearance this week - will I really be one day chopping this and actually putting it in my cooking? I'm impressed with myself!

and the amazing tomato plants, we have over 30 now, again not sure what's next for these? Do I seperate them into individual pots - that's a lot of pots - help someone - anyone!

Various dinners over the week

Tomatoes and rocket on toast with markies garlic and parsley prawns

Chicken stirfry - which rich made and it was awesome! He's much better at stir fries than me!

Chicken Kiev, markies ultimate mash (which is indeed ultimate) and spaghetti.

Chicken breast stuffed with charles macleod black pudding - the best black pudding in the world!

Markies chicken legs and thighs, washed down with wine - delicious!

Dim Sum - markies 3 for a £5

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

52 Burrito dates

Came across this blog on twitter and thought I would recommend it, it's about a chap who won a competition in which the prize was a years supply of burittos (well 52) he has decided to use these as a basis for 52 dates in the hope of finding love.

He's only been on 4 so far, but the blog has started well - thought I'd pass it on.